Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Grub2 is the new boot loader included with Ubuntu and I really think that the Ubuntu team has dropped the ball with this one.

I am sure Grub2 has many cool new features but when it adds 20+ seconds to the booting time of a normal system that used to take 6 seconds, their is a problem. And when as far as I can tell their is nothing but hacks that could potentially cause future problems if you want to rename or reorder your menu entries, their is a problem.

My experiences with Grub:
Grub legacy: when I first edited my menu I knew nothing about grub but its name, but I managed to find the aptly named file menu.lst is the aptly named directory /boot/grub and change the ordering, names and time of the menu all on my own.

Grub2: After looking up many tutorials and using trial and error for hours was barely able to change some of the settings I wanted and figure out some cannot be changed.
+ It continues to take 4 times longer to boot then before grub2 was installed.
+ Had to change some things that could cause trouble in the future.
+ Many of the recommended configuration techniques simply did not work.

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