Outdated and no longer updated.

A list of all reviews I have done and also some standalone mini-reviews that didn't make it onto my blog.

Note (experimental rating system): These ratings are not designed to compare games in different genres (as I would say this is impossible), but instead are aimed at portraying how well I thought they did at what they tried to do; One side effect of this is that they might not have the same score they received when I previously reviewed them.

Personal Favourites = Highlighted Black
Free = (F)  Indie = (I)  Browser = (B)

Game Title DescriptionMini-Review Rating Articles
The Stanley Parable A interactive film like experience about choice. (FI)Simply superb, a heavily narrated game that explores choice and all things meta.10/10 Game, Review
Solar 2 A simplistic solar system simulation. (FI)A very interesting and unique experience, but overall very very repetitive, short, and lacking much re-playability.8/10 Game, Review
Hide A minimalistic survival horror game. (FI)Perfect at everything it attempts, with some of the most unique pixel art graphics I have seen yet.10/10 Game, Review
Vampire Saga: Welcome to Hell Lock A casual HOG title in which you explore a city inhabited by vampires.A bland game filled with bland characters in a bland environment about bland happenings.4/10 Game, Review
Half Life A FPS with tons of platforming and exploring, set in a sci-fi, slightly  horror themed, totalitarian future.A great multi-faceted FPS.9.6/10 Game, Review
A New Beginning A 2D hand-drawn graphical adventure about environmentalism and travellers from the future.An moderately normal game wraped in stunning artwork and a great story, with a even better cause.8/10 Game, Review
Dead Cyborg Episode 1: The Beginning of the Death A full 3D graphical adventure set in a sci-fi post apocalyptic humorous future. (FIB)Entertaining story and dialogue, but the puzzles could use smoe work.8/10 Game, The Indie Elitist
Dig-N-Rig A mining and building game with a few elements of platforming and action. (FI)Addictive and very fun.9/10 Game, Release
Red Eclipse A free open source multiplayer FPS. (FI)Fun and well made if somewhat generic even with the unique and fun sci-fi weapons.7.5/10 Game
Apply 1000mg A platforming game with very unique pixel art graphics. (FIB)Great graphics, interesting story, Ludum Dare #20 winner, worth checking out.8/10 Game, Review
Narbacular Drop A platforming game that makes use of portals. (FI)I am surprised that the people at Valve saw so much potential in this concept that inspired Portal. It simply is not that great of a platformer and the portals do not seem fun at all.5/10 Game
Shit Bit An experimental survival game that has you playing as a bit of shit. (FI)Extremely simple, repetitive, and not enjoyable.3/10 Game
Cart Life A retail, and to some extent life, simulation. (FI)With unique and detailed graphics, a big open world filled with much to do, A middle aged balding man who is addicted to cigarettes and talks to his cat. All this and much more is available in Cart Life. Still I did not enjoy the gameplay at all still have no idea about how to play the game after reading the manual.7/10 Game
Don't Go Alone A short and simple top down shooter. (FI)An interesting concept where you are actually not even doing the shooting, that is left up to the stranger who is following you.7/10 Game
Blendimals A puzzle platformer. (FI)Overall, I am not convinced of the concept nor the execution of this game. The idea is that you mix the attributes of a group of animals and the use your creation to navigate a level.4/10 Game
Activate the Three Artefacts and Then Leave A unique 3D minimalistic exploration game that makes heavy use of audio. (FI)A interesting experience if nothing else, AtTAatL sets you the task of exploring a sphere for three artefacts with surprisingly disorienting visuals.
Realm of the Mad God A simple addicting coop fantasy MMORPG. (FIB)Incredibly addicting and easy to get into, this rigid class and loot based fantasy MMORPG is a must play for all RPG fans. Additionally it has some very interesting coop element.9.5/10 Game, Review
Katawa Shoujo Act 1 A visual novel about disability and love at a unique anime styled high school for the disabled. (FI)Engrossing and containing several hours of gameplay for a single playthrough and multiple paths this story is worth experiencing with its often weird and sometimes zany characters that still completely relatable.9.5/10 Game
Frozen Synapse A turned based strategy game using individual modern military units. (I)Surprisingly simple commands and small number of units make this one easy game to get into, but the brutal difficulty and complex nature of a match after it starts makes it very hard to enjoy without a lot of skill.8.5/10 Game
Solace A simple shoot 'em up about the five stages of grief. (FI)An interesting title and a worthy experience; But the gameplay could of been more fun.7/10 Game
Bulletstorm A run-and-gun over the top FPS.A fun if totally unbalanced and unpolished game.7/10 Game, Review
Proun A minimalist racing game. (FI)An incredibly fast paced, simple racing game; Where the track is a small cable, which you can steer around, and the obstacles are bright geometric shapes. It is undoubtedly beautiful, fun, and unique.8.5/10 Game
Hoard A action strategy game that puts you in control of a dragon and directs you to go raid human settlements in search of gold. (I)An increadably interesting concept, but from my experience actully playing a SINGLE match it is not participially interesting or fun too play.5/10 Game
Ninja Senki An action platformer and obvious Mega Man clone. (FI)Fast paced, incredibly challenging, and tight controls. If you liked Mega Man then you will probably like Ninja Senki.7/10 Game
Benthic Zone A short 2D graphical adventure set on the floor of a lake. (FI)Containing absolutely no plot but a wonderful game none-the-less with great beautiful graphics and some rather normal inventory puzzles.8.5/10 Game
Shoot First A third person, real time, Rogue-like, shooter. (FI)This unique combination of genres seems like unlikely companions but it works very well. Being a Rogue-like, Shoot First takes place in multi layers random dungeons filled with monsters, wizards, and traps; Is filled with loot in the form of coin and equipment; And has a character levelling system; But plays more like a modern third person shooter. And what is more allows two player coop play!7.5/10 Game
Tight A 2D shooter with RPG elements where you must continually flee the boss. (FI)A great consept where you flee a giant boss monster through a solid substance. Meaning that you must split your fire between the boss, other enemies, and tunnelling. But a unbalanced RPG system makes the game either very hard if not impossible if you don't know the trick or ridiculously easy if you do. Not that the game is not fun and worth a playthrough, but mostly I am just hoping that someone takes this idea and fully realises it in another game.3/10 Game
Hyperabuse Monolith A 3D minimalistic first-person game about harassing people in the streets. (FI)I don't understand this title. The graphics and game play go past minimalistic to almost non existent where the plot resides. So I almost baulk at calling this a game, which would normally make it a artistic title but it is too minimalistic to have any deeper meaning as far as I can tell.N/A Game
Puzzle Agent 2 A cartoony, 2D, graphical adventure/puzzle game set in a weird town.An excellent title whose main attribute is the cohesive and entertaining universe created to host both Puzzle Agent 2 and its prequel.9/10 Game, Review
Something Amiss A three part episodic adventure game set in present time and featuring a sci-fi plot. (FIB) Rather hit and miss, nothing is bad but then nothing is particularly good either.6/10 Game
What Makes you Tick A 2D graphical adventure set in the Victorian era of inventions and inventors. (FI) A great solid inventory based, verb coin interface using, adventure title set in the romantic and exciting era of outrageous inventions, inventors, and villains.9/10 Game, Review
Beat Hazard A top-down space shooter crossed with a music game. (I) The two main features of Beat Hazard are use of your own personal music library in game and having the music effect the power and type of weapon you have. Overall, this makes it into a game crossed with a music visualization, which is interesting but does not really seem to work given any songs that are not constantly loud.6.5/10 Game
The Legend of Crystal Valley A epic high fantasy adventure in the vein of The Longest Journey. Great concept but a hit and miss execution. Still it can be quite fun. 6.5/10 Game, AL_Review
Technobabylon: Part 3 In Nuntius Veritas A single room graphical adventure set in a scifi future. (FI) In part three we are back in control of Latha and again must escape in this single room adventure where we finally start to uncover what has been happening. 9.4/10 Game
Terreria A hack and slash sandbox adventure inspired by Minecraft. (I) Basically Minecraft in 2D and with far more monsters, weapons, and high tier materials to grind or mine. 9/10Game, Review
Another World A challenging action platformer with aspects of exploration and natural puzzles set on a brutal and mysterious alien world. Incredibly challenging with some of the most ambiguous puzzles you can find in a action platformer; But that does not stop this game from being an amazing, very cinematic, experience. 9.5/10Game, Review
The Next Big Thing A humorous graphical adventure by Pendulo Studios. Great characters and funny dialogue conbine in this fabulous adventure. 8.5/10Game, Review
Less Than Three A short escape the room adventure by Ben304 with plot and gameplay themes of an RPG. (FI) A fun short adventure that explores the lives and feelings of the support characters in a RPG party. With this interesting premise and the detail that went into the endearing world and dialogue it is more then worth the download. 8.5/10Game
Perry Rhodan: The Myth of the Illochim (AKA The Immortals of Terra) A sci-fi adventure set in the hefty Perry Rhodan universe. A highly polished sci-fi adventure set in the long running classic science fiction series Perry Rhodan. With puzzles reminiscent of the The Dig it is a must play in my opinion. 8.5+/10Game, Review
Don't Take it Personally, Babe, it Just Ain't Your Story A visual novel set in a high school classroom in the year 2027. (FI) A engrossing, but hardly interactive, game filled with lots of teen drama and sporting themes of homosexuality, youth sexuality, and privacy. 7.5/10Game, Review
Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter A unique FPS that launches hordes of mostly melee characters at you. A fun divergence from the hordes of serious military shooters available; Fun, gory, and violent but the graphics could use more detail. 8.5/10Game, Review
The Wager A simple pirate adventure game revolving around your mission to collect as much money in a limited time as possible. (FI) Overall too simple and far more of the game is played out because of random generation rather then interaction with the player. 6.5/10Game
Capsized A 2D action shooter set on a unexplored alien world. (I) Great looking press with lots of hype before launch, but just not quite as you might of imagined while playing. Nothing is quite as good. The graphics, while still vibrant and unique, just don't look as great in high resolution; The platforming is hindered by the player tending to stick to walls and really being far too good at it; And most importantly the combat is rather boring, with the AI being far to simple to for the game's good. 6.5/10Game
AlternativA A point and click graphical adventure set in a cyberpunk dystopian future controlled by a single totalitarian government. Good looking and a interesting story concept, but horribly implemented with the worst puzzles imaginable and bad dialogue and plot. 5/10Gallery, Game
The Tiny Bang Story A hidden object game set on a fantastical world. (I) Short but with amazing graphics and puzzles that are well integrated into the story line. 9/10Review, Game
Digital: A Love Story A visual novel set completely on a single computer with a modem that can connect to BBSes. (FI) Superbly engrossing and realistic, a must play if only because it is too unique to explain properly. 9.8/10Review, Game
Hector Badge of Carnage ~ Episode 1: We Negotiate with Terrorists A new episodic graphical adventure game by Telltale games. A rude, crude, and almost nude graphical adventure featuring a tough talking cop and a strange hostage situation. 8/10Review, Game
5 Color Pandora A minimalist exploration artsy platforming game. (FI) Very stylistically beautiful in its super low resolution greatness, with a nice sense of atmosphere that should keep you exploring until the credits roll. 8/10Gallery, Game
Ranger A top-down mission based shooter. (FI) Fast pasted and full of action, Ranger has one basic mission type, rescue the prisoner. You attempt this using a plethora of weaponry in a fully destructible landscape. 7.5/10Gallery, Game
Technobabylon: Part 2 The Weight of the World A graphical adventure set in a moderately dystopian scifi future. (FI) Set during the same time as part 1 but following a new character, The Weight of the World is a far bigger game then its predecessor and this added room lets its brilliance shine all the more. 9.7/10Gallery, Game
Technobabylon: Part 1 The Prisoner of Fate A short single room graphical adventure set in a scifi future. (FI) A very short adventure about a NEET with a strong dependence on some sort of online virtual world called Trance (their version of the internet). 9.4/10 Gallery, Game
Next to Evil A short adventure game set in a dystopian fantasy world. (FI) Completely revolving around one key mechanic, the ability to split yourself once. Next to Evil is a interesting, fun, and great looking game. 8.5/10 Gallery, Game
E7 A unique action platformer. (FIB) A little overly simplistic and repetitive, but some genuinely interesting and fun gameplay paired with nice minimalist graphics. 6.8/10 Gallery, Game
Dracula Resurrection A point and click graphical adventure and first title in the Dracula series. A great horrific adventure filled with vampires and interesting puzzles. 8.9/10 Review, Game
Paradise A graphical  adventure by Benoit Sokal set in a fantasy themed Africa. A deep story teamed with terrific visuals makes one unmissable adventure. 9.4/10 Review, Game
NiBiRu: Age of Secrets A murder and mystery laden point and click graphical adventure. A great all round adventure with fantastic crisp visuals, an engrossing story, and best of all great thought provoking puzzles. 8.8/10 Review, Game
Far Cry Instincts: Evolution A stealth action FPS set on a jungle island. Basically, just the original game with a shorter and less interesting single player campaign but improved multiplayer. 8.5/10 Review
Far Cry: Instincts A stealth action FPS set on a jungle island. Amazing graphics, and some interesting and unique (to the Xbox) mechanics combine to make one of the best FPS on the Xbox. 9/10 Review
NightSky A physics puzzle platformer. (I) Very simple at first glance, but the continually changing environmental challenges and machines given to you keep it feeling new all the way to the end. 9/10 Gallery, Game
Keepsake A third-person point and click graphical adventure set in a magical high fantasy land. It seems proper fantasy titles are few and far between, for some reason. So if you are into that sort of thing then you have to check out Keepsake. It has a lot of flaws, but none of them are particularly annoying. 7.5/10 Gallery, Game
Amerzone A first-person graphical  adventure set in a slightly fantastical world. The first game by Benoît Sokal and set in the same universe as his Syberia series. More a of Myst clone then his future work, but still worth a playthough for any of his fans. 9.2/10 None, Game
Viriax A vertical shooter set inside the body of a human. (FI) Swim and jump your way to the end of 6 stages as a virus attempting to obtain total infection of a human patient. 9.5/10 Review, Game
Zeno Clash A fantasy first-person brawler/shooter. (I) Incredibly unique both in visual style and gameplay, the epitome of indie games (even though it has a publisher). 9.6/10 None, Game
Dacey in the Dark - Prelude A short graphical adventure. (FI) A very short stylish adventure with great silhouette graphics where you are lead thought the dark by a a mysterious fairy. 7.8/10 Review, Game
The Ultra Mission A short top down shooter with monochrome graphics. (FI) Fun and good looking. You must rescue the hostages by using your machine gun and rocket launcher to get past the enemy turrets, troops. 7.2/10 None, Game
Sandy Evolution A horizontal scrolling shooter where you play an evolving organism. (FI) A stylish shooter in a dark and strange environment; Only problem is, it's not really finished and only one level is playable. 6.7/10 None, Game
OpenArena A online match based FPS. (FI) A very general game that doesn't do anything unique, but is pretty fun and easy to set up and play a match with. 8/10 None, Game
Knytt A simple exploration platformer. (FI) Very easy but also very fun and deceptively beautiful, one of the best indie games in my opinion. 10/10 None, Game
Ikachan A simple underwater action adventure where you play a squid. (FI) Fun and moderately short with upgrades and OK gameplay and graphics. 7.8/10 None, Game
Iji A scifi action platforming shooter RPG. (FI) A great complex game that is very reminiscent of advent rising, both in story and gameplay. 9/10 None, Game
GRIP A simple rock climbing game that utilities almost the entire keyboard. (FIB) Strangely fun and finger twisting good. 8/10 None, Game
I Was a Vegas Showgirl! A short 3D graphical adventure featuring mobsters and showgirls. (FI) A fun adventure game with is somewhat reminiscent of Grim Fandango. 8.8/10 Walkthrough, Game
Hydorah A retro horizontal scrolling space shooter. (FI) Made to be extremely challenging, and it is. A great playing and amazing retro looking game with tons of upgrades and levels. 9.8+/10 None, Game
Guxt A simple top down scrolling space shooter. (FI) The combination of one hit deaths and a un-upgraded ship firing and moving so slowly basically means you need to never make a single mistake in this 5 stage game. 5.6/10 None, Game
Gravity Bone A short 3D adventure where you play as a secret agent. (FI) Way to short but very unique and stylish. 8.6/10 None, Game
Under the Garden A 2D exploration and wilderness survival game, with elements of creative sandbox building. (FI) With incredible stylish graphics and a genre, exploration and wilderness survival, I wish gets turned into more games, this is a must try on my list. 8/10 Review, Game
Warlock Bentspine A 2D action platforming Mega Man clone. (FI) A good game with great retro graphics, if only the rush command moved you a little faster/further it might of been useful. 8.7/10 Gallery, Game
Beeps_and_Blips (aka Beeps and Blips) A short, simple, and challenging top down shooter and a remake of a Action 52 game of the same name. (FI) Short and sweet, with quite a lot of polish, including: log files for backstory, upgrades, a charged shot, many enemies, and interesting graphics. 9/10 Gallery, Game
ASCIIpOrtal (aka ASCII Portal) A puzzle platformer and a 2D ASCII interpretation of Portal with the original's humour. (FI) Incredibly challenging, tons of levels, and humour to match. A must play for fans of Portal. 9/10 Overview, Game
Portal: The Flash Version A puzzle platformer and a interpretation of Portal in 2D and Flash. (FIB) Basically Portal without the humour but ten times harder. While it does not hold the same brilliant atmosphere created by the humour of the original it is still a great game. 9/10 Overview, Game
Portal A 3D puzzle platformer with a sense of humour. An incredibly unique (at least for its time) for both the great puzzle platforming and the hilarious humour. 10/10 Overview, Game
A Tale of Two Kingdoms A indie graphical adventure game set in a fantasy world. (FI) A huge and open world with a story allowing many different solutions and sides quests. Incredibly polished and crammed full of adventure. 9.8/10 None, Game
Candles A short atmospheric indie game. (FI) A great hugely atmospheric adventure and more successfully scary then most games, but buggy and lacking polish. 6.8/10 Gallery, Game
Rebirth A short experimental game designed to be a interactive poem about a society of control. (FIB) Obviously strange and very open to interpretation with some very strong imagery and multiple paths/endings. Worth a playthrough or two. N/A None, Game
Beacon (Chevy Ray Johnston) A short platforming game entered into the Ludum Dare competition. (FI) An interesting title, particularly heavy on atmosphere and some nice story elements (if only it were harder). 8.2/10 Gallery
Beacon (randomnine) A short scifi exploration game made for the Ludum Dare competition. (FI) Unique and lovable, with a terrific story and particularly fantastic ending. 9.3/10 None
Balloon Diaspora A short 3D node based point and click graphical adventure set in a strange hot air balloon based culture. (FI) Strange but fun dialogue based adventure. "Explore a foreign culture, make new friends and ride through the clouds in a hot air balloon." - Cardboard Computer 8/10 None
FATALE A short interactive art game based on the play Salome. (I) Strange but also interesting, I would of liked to see more plot as you really have to guess what is going on. In a purely gameplay standpoint their is really nothing here, but then that is also kind-of the point of the game. N/A None
Hero Core A retro monochrome game with many elements of the Metroid series. (FI) Super simple, distinct and great looking, and challenging game that is simply fantastic. 9.5/10 Review, Overview
Eternally Us A short 2D graphical  adventure game about the 5 stages of grief. (FI) A small, simple, perfect, and obviously lovingly made game;An emotional journey with simple yet well integrated puzzles, great visuals, amazing music, and above professional level voice acting. 10/10 Review
Small Worlds A short minimalist 2D indie exploration game. (FI) A perfect meshing of music, minimalistic graphics, and pace combine to make what might just be the ultimate exploration game. 10/10 Overview
Canabalt A 2D procedurally generated running/avoidance game. (FIB) The plethora of obstacles, some not even instant death, and beautiful graphics that actually tell a story as you play, make this game stand hand and shoulders above its peers. 9.5/10 Overview
Cave Story A indie 2D action shoot-em-up platformer, with elements of an RPG. (FI) Simply the best action platformer out their, with every single category of the game being perfectly crafted and fit together. 10/10 Overview
Bob Came in Pieces A 2D physics puzzle platformer. (I) In Bob Came in Pieces the main method for solving the puzzles is customizing your own space ship with the parts you find, which makes for an interesting experience. 6.5/10 Review
Dwarf Fortress A complex fantasy city simulation. (FI) The most unique and one of the most engrossing games in existence. Dwarf Fortress really makes you think, and will fill your thoughts with city plans both during and between plays if you fall for it. 8/10 Review
The Longest Journey A classic isometric graphical  adventure game, set in a epic fantasy and scifi universe. A fantastic adventure, filled with magic and wonder. 10/10 Review,
Sanitarium A classic isometric graphical adventure game, set in and out of the mind of a demented man. A dark demented trek into the psyche of a tormented man. 10/10 Review,
Teppoman 2 A 2D stealth action platformer. (FI) A great very challenging game that requires lots of forethought and finger dexterity. 10/10 Review
Rein A short gritty 2D point and click graphical adventure. (FI) A great gritty adventure. 9/10 Review
Jigsaw A 2D action platformer. (FI) A great game with great platforming and some very challenging and fun logic puzzles. 8.8/10 Review
Illuminator A 2D strategy action game with a unique weapon. (FI) A fantastic unique game were you attack and spot enemies using the same weapon, light. Equipped with your trusty flashlight, and packing numerous light making devices you head into a series of dark houses filled with monsters. 9.5/10 Review
Mirage A 3D action exploration game, with emphasis on the exploration. (FI) Simply exploring this beautiful grey and alien environment is a wonderful experience. 9/10 Review
Plane Weaver A short unique 3D platformer. (FI) An interesting and challenging steampunkian adventure. 9/10 Review
Messiah A third-person shoot-em-up adventure set in a corrupt and sinful future cyberpunk world, where a cherub has been sent to earth to kick ass and take names. With quite a lot of puzzles, combat, and platforming this game is chalk full of fun gameplay, all set in a fantastic unique world. 9.5/10 NONE
Robot City A classical graphical adventure game set in Issac Asimov`s Robot universe and based on the series by the same name. Using logic and the Three Laws of Robotics you must explore a robotic city and prove your innocence against the charge of murder. 9/10 Review
Dark Side of the Moon A very complex scifi murder mystery set in a classical  point and click graphical adventure game. Making extensive use of FMV filled with real actors and having a huge complex plot spanning the huge and diverse world filled with many interesting and varied puzzles makes this one hell of a game. 9/10 Review
Mt. A simple unrealistic mountain climbing game. (FI) A simply fun and procedurally generated game. 8.5/10 Review
The Whispered World A traditional 2D graphical adventure game with hand drawn graphics set is a fantasy universe. A beautiful hand drawn fantasy world, filled with interesting and unique characters, and encompassed within an interesting and completely unique plot line. 9.7/10 Review,
Hammerfight A physics action game with very unique controls and gameplay. (I) An incredibly fun and unique physics brawler that gives you a ship and attaches a giant swinging weapon to it; And what could be better then that? 10/10 Gallery, Review, Game
Risen A open world fantasy RPG with a few elements drawn from MMORPGs. A pretty good and very open world fantasy adventure with some streaks of realism and hardcore aspects that combine to make a very believable and lovable world. 8.5/10 Review
SafeCracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure A 3D logic puzzle game made by Kheops Studio. (I) A game with very little plot, no other people, but lots of logic puzzles in a giant eccentric mansion. 8.8/10 Overview
Voyage: Inspired by Jules Verne A node based graphical adventure game developed by Kheops Studio and based on Jules Verne's novels From the Earth to the Moon and Around the Moon. (I) A very stylish classical adventure game set on a moon populated by an alien civilization and filled with diverse and complex puzzles. 9/10 Overview
Return to Mysterious Island A node based point and click graphical adventure developed by Kheops Studio based on Jules Verne's novel The Mysterious Island and a sequel to the book's story. (I) It has a great story, amazing realistic puzzles, and my favourite voice actor; A great game and a personal favourite of mine. 9.5/10 Overview, Overview, The Indie Elitist
Return to Mysterious Island 2: Mina's Fate A node based graphical adventure developed by Kheops Studio based on Jules Verne's novel The Mysterious Island and a sequel to the book's story. (I) Same as the original Return to Mysterious Island game, except a little worse in all areas. 8.5/10 Overview
Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon A node based graphical adventure made by Kheops Studio and set in a post WW1 village in Transylvania. Where a priest is running an investigation into strange blood disorders and vampire myths. (I) A fun and unique adventure, with a nice horror atmosphere, interesting plot, and great graphics. 8.5/10 Overview
The Secrets of Da Vinci A node based graphical adventure made by Kheops Studio and set in the late Leonardo Da Vinci's villa. (I) Who wouldn't love deciphering messages and puzzles left behind by Leonardo and repairing some of his inventions. 8/10 Overview
Alien Swarm A third-person squad based shoot-em-up. Demanding the melding of personal and team strategy with individual skill makes this one challenging game that will test the skill of any gamer, but remains open to lesser players at lower skill levels. 9/10 Review
The Blackwell Legacy A story driven 2D point and click graphical adventure game with a medium and her sidekick a ghost as main characters. (I)  A few very unique puzzles, great low res graphics, and a well put together story all experienced through a very simplistic interface make one grade A game. 9/10 Review
Psychonauts A comedic platforming game with tons of gameplay elements and made by Tim Schafer. Simply a fantastic game filled with great puzzles, characters, dialogue, and locations; A ever-changing, diverse, and funny romp through a psychic summer camp and its inhabitants brains 10/10 Review
Nostradamus – The Last Prophecy A node based graphical adventure revolving around a medieval murder mystery investigation. (I) A somewhat bland adventure set in a time where astrology and alchemy are the leading science of the day, so it has some rather interesting puzzles and situations. 7.5/10 Review
And Yet it Moves A stylish platformer which gives the user the ability to rotate the screen. (I) With graphics that look like paper cut-outs and a wide range of platforming, this is one interesting title. 8.5/10 NONE
The Fall Trilogy: Chapter 2 Reconstruction An amalgam of the point and click graphical adventure and hidden object genres, where you play a amnesic, possibly hallucinating, man. (I) A rather bland environment, with bland puzzles, and minimal blandish story. But still an OK game. 6/10 Review
Diablo 2 A hack and slash RPG with procedurally generated loot. A hugely addictive and fun game, with free online multiplayer. 9.5/10 Review
Lord of the Rings Online A free to play fantasy MMORPG (WoW clone). A great game, every bit as good as WoW and even better in some areas. And that is not even mentioning the terrific Tolkien world. 9/10 Impression
Lost Horizon graphical adventure game obviously inspired by action films. A Indian Jones-ish epic adventure across Europe and Asia, eventually ending in the mythical city of Shambala. 8.5/10 Review
Salammbo: Battle for Carthage A node based point and click graphical adventure with some fun arcade sequences. Stylish in its presentation, graphics, story, characters, and its diverse and unique puzzles/challenges. 9.9/10 Review
Featherweight A short 2D graphical adventure title by Ben304 set on a scifi world in the midst of a long ongoing war. (FI) An interesting if mostly unexplained story, nice graphics, and some challenging puzzles combine to make a pretty good game. 7.6/10 Review
Fetus A dark minimalistic 2D physics platformer and part of the Abyss series of games. (FI) Minimalistic plot that will keep you thinking long past the completion of the game, lovely horrific minimalistic graphics, and some pretty good gameplay. 8.5/10 Review
Aliens vs Predator 2 A classic FPS with great multiplayer and some very interesting gameplay mechanics. A great experience all round with fan made mods and maps to extend and enhance the experience. The best multiplayer FPS I have ever played. 10/10 Review
Trilby: The Art of Theft A 2D stealth adventure where you a suave thief. (FI) A great simple steal everything and don't get caught game were pin-point hand-eye coordination and planing is key. 9/10 Overview
5 Days a Stranger The first title in the Chzo Mythos and a heavily plot driven 2D indie graphical adventure with a unique horror themed story. (FI) A great must play indie adventure title that is good all-round. 9/10 Overview
7 Days a Skeptic The second title in the Chzo Mythos and a heavily plot driven 2D indie graphical adventure with a unique survival horror themed story. (FI) Like it's predecessor, a great must play indie adventure title that is good in all areas. 9/10 Overview
Trilby's Notes The third title in the Chzo Mythos and a heavily plot driven 2D indie graphical adventure with a unique survival horror themed story. (FI) Another must play title by Yahtzee and a great indie adventure. 9/10 Overview
6 Days a Sacrifice The fourth, and final to date, title in the Chzo Mythos and a heavily plot driven 2D indie graphical adventure with a unique survival horror themed story. (FI) A great indie adventure title and a must play for all fans of the genre. 9/10 Overview
suteF A dark minimalistic 2D physics platformer, part of the Abyss series of games, and the sequel/remake of Fetus. (FI) suteF takes the great minimalistic gameplay. plot. and graphics of Fetus and polishes and expands upon them until something even better then the original is created. 9.3/10 Review
Descent The first entry in the Abyss series, Descent while having the same dark horror atmosphere as the other entries is a fast paced brutally challenging platformer. (FI) An addicting game you are likely to try over and over again, and still not win. 9/10 Review
Auralux (aka Aurora) A simple node based RTS game. (I) Possibly over-simplified for many people, but still a great addicting game. 8/10 Review
Dracula: The Last Sanctuary A horror and vampire themed point and click graphical adventure featuring a 3D node based world. A solid adventure title with tons of content. 8.5/10 Review
City of Doom A monochrome top-down shooter. (FI) Stylish looking, slow paced, and brutally challenging; A great polished game. 7.8/10 Review
Tiny Barbarian A short simple action platformer. (FI) A simple yet challenging and enjoyable action game with stylish graphics. 8.3/10 Review
Magicka A third-person, heavily coop oriented, action adventure set in a fantasy universe and with a innovative magic system (I) The most innovative, and yet still completely playable, game I have ever seen. Fun single-player, better multiplayer, a hilarious fantasy world and plot, and great gameplay. 9.5/10 Review
~airwave~: I Fought the Law, and the Law One The first episode of ~airwave~, and a 2D point and click graphical adventure title by Ben304 about music and a indie radio station. (FI) A great extremely  polished indie adventure lacking in nothing. 9/10 Release
The Abbey (aka Murder in the Abbey) A third-person point and click graphical adventure based on Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose. Nice cartoon graphics but overall only a decent game that does not live up to the work it is based on. 6.5/10 Review
The Abbey of Crime (aka La Abadía del Crimen) A isometric graphical adventure made for the Amstrad CPC 6128 in 1987 but ported to many system both old and modern. This game is apparently considered one of the best of its era, but for a modern gamer it is likely unplayable. N/A Review
Stacking A humorous puzzle adventure developed by Double Fine and Tim Schafer. While I did not get a chance to play the entire game, from what I have seen it is every much as hilarious, fun, and ingenious as Tim Schafer's previous games. 9.5+/10 Review
Shogun: Total War A melding of turned based strategy and real time tactics, were you are given control of huge armies of ancient Japanese soldiers. The first, and my favourite, game in the only series to give to full tactical control over huge armies that act realistic, with fatigue and moral. A no-nonsense take on the formula. 9/10 Overview
Medieval: Total War Like its predecessor, Medieval: Total War is a combination of turned based and real time strategy genres. More troops, more land, more new gameplay that I thought simply distracted from the core mechanic. 8/10 Overview
Blackwell Unbound A story driven 2D graphical adventure game with a medium and her sidekick a ghost as main characters. (FI) A solid story driven adventure, but totally lacking in any logic puzzles. 8.5/10 Review
Destination: Treasure Island A 3D node based graphical adventure by Kheops Studio and story-wise Robert Louis Stevenson's 1883 Treasure Island novel. (I) A solid polished, and even somewhat unique, adventure game. 8/10 Review
Adam's Venture: Search for the Lost Garden A great looking exploration platforming adventure with some point and click style puzzles and based on Christian myths. (I) While this game is good at portraying an enjoyable exploration experience it mostly failed at all other aspects. 7.5/10 Review
Minecraft A 3D indie sandbox building game with some elements of the action, exploration, and RPGs genres. (I) An very unique creative game with great solo and multiplayer modes and many different reason to play. But as it is still in beta it does still somewhat feel incomplete. 8/10 Review
The Fall Trilogy: Separation A Kheops game that mixes the genres of hidden object and graphical adventure with 3D graphics and the option of node based or free movement. (I) With its extensive and well thought out help/hint system it is a great game for any newcomers to the adventure or puzzle genres; But still potentially holds a lot of entertainment for even the most hardcore fans of either. 7/10 Review
The Journey Down: Over the Edge A indie 2D point and click graphical adventure set in a conspiracy ridden slightly fantasy world. (FI) A great retro styled graphical adventure in a unique and interesting world, A must play for anyone interested in the genre. 9/10 Review
Runaway: A Road Adventure A third-person point and click graphical adventure with interesting and diverse characters. A stylish charismatic adventure game with one of the hottest protagonists in gaming, Gina. 8.8/10 Overview
Full Throttle A classic LucasArts and Tim Schafer graphical point and click graphical adventure about the leader of a biker gang. An interesting and challenging adventure with high production values all-round and a great story 9.2/10 Overview
realMyst A full 3D remake of the classic first-person point and click graphical adventure Myst. An easier to navigate version of the grandaddy of the entire first person adventure genre, Myst, with the original mysterious and fantastical environments, interesting story, and brutally challenging puzzles. 9/10 Overview
Grim Fandango A classical point and click graphical adventure made by LucasArts and Tim Schafer. Potentially, Tim Schafer's best work to date, with an engaging story, great graphics, and engaging puzzles; A true classical adventure. 10/10 Overview
Syberia The first game in the Syberia series and a point and click graphical adventure game by Benoît Sokal set in steampunk Europe. Fabulous steampunk environments and the amazing voice talent of Sharon Mann. 9.8/10 Overview
Mr. Robot A RPG platformer with some advanced puzzles. (I) A diverse game that gets all of its elements right: including the story, RPG combat, platforming, and challenging puzzles. 8/10 Overview
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic A western RPG set in the Star Wars universe. A huge expansive universe with a huge expansive RPG system. 9/10 Overview
Breath of Fire A classic JRPG. A great JRPG with diverse and interesting gameplay and a engrossing storyline. 9/10 Overview
Fable A action RPG. A simple action game with RPG elements. 8.3/10 Overview
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion A first-person sandbox action RPG set in a huge fantasy world. A huge game with literally enough side quests to keep you busy for months on end but with mechanics that leave room for improvements. 8.5/10 Overview
Chrono Trigger A classic scifi JRPG with time travel at its core. A fantastic engrossing world and story with many revolutionary features. 10/10 Overview
Deus Ex A open world first-person RPG with elements of stealth set in a cyberpunk dystopian future. Perhaps the first and by far the best game to meld a complex RPG system, with all the items, stats, and upgrades that entails, with a fully functional sandbox FPS that praises personal choice and free choice. 10/10 Overview
Final Fantasy IV (aka Final Fantasy II) A classic JRPG set in a fantasy world. A classic example of the JRPG genre with exceptionally interesting characters. 10/10 Overview,
Mount and Blade A open world action RPG that allows you to take tactical control of a entire army and personally assault another army in a real time battle along side your troops. (I) A hugely unique and fun hack and slash adventure where you will fight on and off of horses, storm castle walls as well as defend them, and fight along-side your troop and by yourself. 9/10 Review, Overview
Super Mario RPG (aka Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars) A RPG game with platforming and puzzles set in the Mario universe. A great RPG with great use of timed key presses during battle to draw in the players interest and platforming, puzzles, and mini-games out of battle to give some diversity to it. 10/10 Overview, Review
Super Punch-Out!! The sequel to Punch-Out!! and a boxing arcade game. Great stylish graphics, but this beauty is only skin deep with the game not containing any other interesting content (in my opinion). 7/10 Review
The Dig A serious scifi story played out in a 2D graphical adventure game made by LucasArts in collaboration with Steven Spielberg and Orson Scott Card. A great classical adventure game that is almost perfect in all categories. 10/10 Review, Overview
TimeSplitters: Future Perfect A first-person shooter with a sense of humour. A hilarious game with tons of extra content including multiplayer bots and mini-games. 10/10 Review
Super Smash Bros. A 2D side view multiplayer fighting game played with Nintendo characters. A insanely fun game to play against your friends. 10/10 Review
ActRaiser A action city building simulation with hack and slash platformer segments. Neither segments are particularly interesting or well integrated; Not a bad game but not particularly worth playing. 6.5/10 Review
Star Fox A space rails shooter and the very first game on the SNES to use 3D graphics. Simply a great game with all elements being equally polished. 9.4/10 Review
Stranger's Wrath A action-adventure,  third-person platformer, and first-person shooter, with a  message warning of the evils of capitalism, consumerism, corporations, and industrialization. A stylish game with many genres, all well done and well integrated. 9.8/10 Review, Overview
Star Wars: Republic Commando A squad based first-person shooter set in the Star Wars universe. A great action FPS and a very strategic and forethought oriented game;
The ingeniousness is in how they seamlessly integrate these two opposing ideas.
9.8/10 Review
Sniper Elite Primarily a sniping game with elements of a third-person military shooter. A very fun and challenging sniping game.  9.8/10 Review
Mount and Blade: Warband A open world action RPG that allows you to take tactical control of a entire army and personally assault another army in a real time battle along side your troops. Not really any different from the original game, Mount and Blade, and only really adds multiplayer. 9.1/1Review, Original Game Overview

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