Monday, May 9, 2011

The Tiny Bang Story

The Tiny Bang Story
is a hidden object game that takes the genre to a never before seen peak; It shows that hidden object games do not simply appeal to a casual audience and that searching for hidden objects does not have to mean a disconnect from realistic puzzles that fit well within the plot. In The Tiny Bang Story you play on a small world that has recently been devastated by a meteor strike and shattered into many puzzle pieces. You travel the unaffected lands collecting these pieces and restoring your world.

The graphics of Tiny Bang are what should draw most players to the game because they are simply fantastic. These visuals are 2D and are quite fantastical in nature with slight hints of steampunk and come across as very alive which is only helped by the fantastic sound track.

The gameplay is equally well polished and I believe is some of the best the genre has to offer and by far the best I have ever played. Every single puzzle and hidden object you are directed to find makes sense in the plot even when considering the number of objects that you are asked to find. And in addition to the hidden objects you will also be solving many logic puzzles, which are quite well done and I found them quite fun is somewhat ambiguous.

My mini-review of The Tiny Bang Story.

Getting it to Run (on a Windows 7 x64):
Runs perfectly fine with default settings.

Windowed Mode:
Fully supported.

Supported, no side effects.

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  1. Nice game, first level was quite decent. Puzzles do indeed make more sense, instead of the usual "poke for random things irrelevant to the puzzle". Thanks for post!