Saturday, May 1, 2010

Eternally Us

Infinite Grace
Eternally Us is a very interesting new indie title by Ben304 and Leafshade.

It has the best voice acting and script writing I have ever heard in any game, let alone an indie developed one. Combine this with the superb stylish visuals and engaging emotional plot this makes one amazing game and a very moving experience.

Their really is not much to say, it is not a huge diverse game. Some might call it short and simplistic, but I say it is perfect at what it tries to be.

When first starting up the game the first thing that you notice is the music and how it perfectly compliments the visuals. A little latter and you start hearing the story unfold with the amazing voice acting. You gain control of your character (Amber) and start interacting with the environment and solving puzzles, not arbitrary puzzles but ones that advance the story. As you progress and travel to new locations the artist seems to undo themselves every time, but the art is not just great it is seamlessly integrated with the story and along with the other parts it takes you on an emotional journey. And that is what Eternally Us is, an emotional journey.

I want to say Eternally Us is the best game I have played is a long time, but that is meaningless and I say it too often. Eternally Us is ... a game were I would not change a single thing, if I had the power to do so. It is a game that I feel privileged to have played. But mostly, it is a game that in my honest opinion enriched mankind when it was created, for are we not the sum of our creations.

But don't buy into my hype too much, or you will certainly be disappointed, as nothing could live up to that last paragraph.

So if you like a good emotional story, check out Eternally Us.


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