Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pixel Art

Pixel art has always been a favourite of mine, particularly in games, and after watching a recently released short documentary about pixel art called Pixel - A pixel art documentary I decided to write about a few games and a video that I think show off some really amazing pixel art (with lots of pictures included, of course).
Note: The still images do not do any of these games justice and I encourage you to play then all.


  1. Small Worlds
  2. Canabalt
  3. Cave Story
  4. Hero Core
  5. DAN the MAN

Small Worlds

Small Worlds was made by David Shute, and is a short atmospheric exploration game.
The game always shows all the uncovered map and therefore zooms out more and more as you play. The amazing art and music of Small Worlds inspire the player to explore the world. I found it very reminiscent of Knytt, and it is the only other game, I have played, capable of competing with Knytt in pure atmospheric exploration.
Images(click to enlarge):

Canabalt is a simple running/avoidance game. The main difference from a normal avoidance game is the number of different types of obstacles, some not even instant death if hit, and the beautiful graphics that almost seem to tell a story as you play, even with the procedurally generated environment.Images(click to enlarge):

Cave Story
Cave Story is an amazing 2D action platformer that has been ported to just about every platform. It has tons of upgradeable weapons and abilities, as well as many diverse enemies and bosses to fight. Cave Story, deservedly, has been called a perfect game. It has an amazing story, great gameplay, fantastic music, and terrific art work.
Images(click to enlarge):

Hero Core
I have already written about Hero Core is a previous blog, but I thought it had too unique of a art style to not write about it again. To reiterate Hero Core is a retro science fiction action adventure game, reminiscent of Metroid. Not only are the graphics done in pixel art style, but it is in black and white. Nonetheless, the games visuals do nothing but improve the overall enjoyment of the game.
Images(click to enlarge):


DAN the MAN is a video made to look like a video game. It has many stereotypical elements, but goes past the defeat of the final boss and rescue of the princess to the unexplored realms of living a normal life after being a hero. Dan the MAN was made by studioJOHO, who have a few other interesting videos already out.
Images(click to enlarge):

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