Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Syberia Series

The Syberia series is one of the most well though of modern point and click adventure games. It was created by Benoît Sokal, author of many great adventure games, most notably Amerzone (1999). It is also worth mentioning that the Syberia series takes place in the Amerzone universe, but no characters or story cross between the two.

Currently Syberia I (2002) and II (2004) have been released and Syberia III is planned for release sometime during 2010-2011. all of the games are designed for use on Windows, additionally Syberia I and II are available on PlayStation 2 and Xbox and Syberia III may be released on the PlayStation 3. Additionally Syberia I has been released on some handhelds.

The Syberia series is known for its amazing graphics, story, and interesting characters. and I particularly love the voice acting talent of Sharon Mann, who plays Kate Walker the lead protagonist.

The graphics of Syberia are top notch, but what makes it unique is the art style. It is steampunk without the steam; Most of the devices, tools, and even a train are powered by springs and gears and are called automatons. Additionally, the game is set in Eastern and central Europe and does a wonderful job of expressing the mystery and quiet beauty of its surroundings.

The story revolves around Kate Walker's journey across Europe in the foot steps of Hans Voralberg, the famous inventor that made all of the automatons. As she retraces his travels she encounters many of his amazing inventions and some very interesting characters.

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