Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Memorable Games: Dungeon Keeper

Evil is Good
Dungeon Keeper is a series of innovative RTS PC games released over a decade ago. The series includes Dungeon Keeper, its expansion The Deeper Dungeons, and Dungeon Keeper 2. In addition to these released games, the series also includes the cancelled game Dungeon Keeper 3 and the currently pending MMORPG Dungeon Keeper Online.

The premise is that you are a evil dungeon overlord: You attract, care for, and train a horde of evil minions; You mine gold and create fortifications and traps;  And you wage war on and destroy the heroes and sometimes other dungeon keepers. Unlike most RTSes Dungeon Keeper focuses more on minion management and fortress creation then direct control over the battles or resource harvesting.

The game features many diverse and interesting creatures. From the kinky Dark Mistress through the industrious Bile Demon and studious Warlock to the likely core of your army Skeletons. Unlike all the other creatures Skeletons are not attracted to your dungeon, they are created from your fallen enemies. In addition to the few mentioned here their are loads more interesting and useful creatures used in the games.

Dungeon Keeper and Dark Mistress

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