Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gallery: Keepsake

My mini-review of Keepsake.


  1. Your mini-review of this game is very kind - the long waits between actually being able to do anything drove me mad! Just let us skip the unnecessary videos, already! :-D

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  3. The backstory was rather annoying but their wasn't too many cutscenes. Their was a moderate amount of talking, which while skippable the animations associated with it were not.

    The biggest problem I had with the game was all of the voice acting, and a lot of the dialog, for the smaller characters, which sounded like a 12 year old voiced and wrote it.
    And the cutscenes felt like they were written for and by girl(s) (why should I care if a father does not want to be constantly reminded of his deceased wife by his needy child who is constantly talking about her).

  4. And like I mentioned in the mini-review, it is set in a Epic Fantasy land and a little reminiscent of The Longest Journey because of this.