Friday, April 8, 2011

NiBiRu: Age of Secrets

Nibiru is is a engrossing point and click adventure filled with long lost Nazi mysteries, murder, and the occult; And from the little I have played of the Broken Sword series, it is highly reminiscent of it. I really liked Nibiru and the constantly changing, and always interesting, story kept me from skipping cutscenes and conversations (something I do far too often).

The puzzles are also nothing to scoff at and are drawn from a wide range of puzzle types. Most important is the lack of dominance by the pick up everything model that can really bring down a game. For the most part Nibiru makes you think about what you are doing and quite often you will be taking on logic puzzles and most notably among these are the password puzzles. I particularly loved these password puzzles because while they are logic puzzles they have two major benefits over the average one. First and foremost, once you have the puzzle figured out it is always easy and quick to input it and be finished with the puzzle. Secondly, it opens up the puzzle to more then just a single screen, often giving you a set of rooms and many items to consider before coming to a conclusion.

My mini-review of NiBiRu.

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