Saturday, June 18, 2011

Adventure Lantern Issue (June 2011)

Yes that is right, the eminently wonderful adventure game magazine Adventure Lantern is back after a hiatus with a brand new issue. In this issue I have two articles, the previously published Destination: Treasure Island (but with a moderate amount of improvements in this republishing), which is a great pirate themed Kheops adventure set as a sequel to Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island; And the never before seen review The Legend of Crystal Valley, an epic high fantasy adventure.

But of course I am not the only contributor and there are also articles for the intriguing Darkstar, the classic beginnings to the Still Life series Post Mortem, a new episode in the Telltale series Dr. Who: TARDIS, and another adventure from the makers of The Legend of Crystal Valley, Hotel, a myth, magic, and mystery filled adventure.

So what are you waiting for dear readers, go and pick up a copy from the Adventure Lantern website.

A puzzle from Destination: Treasure Island
The Legend of Crystal Valley

One of the best visuals from The Legend of Crystal Valley

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