Thursday, June 30, 2011

Steam Summer Sale!!!

It seems that Steam is again having  a sale bonanza and included in the sale are two packages I really like.

One is the, 20+ game, complete Valve package that contains all Valve games ever released for only $50, the price of a normal copy of Portal 2 (which is included)!

The other is the complete Telltale pack that contains 16 games for $50.

Both great deals, and there are many others individual games and packages. So go check them out at Steam.


  1. Damn you Jonathon! I've just gone and spent money now...

    Didn't like the look of that pack much, but there are a lot of games I had on my wishlist that are now cheaper... took the whole night to download them all on a fast connection!!

  2. And now I am getting really interested in the Paradox pack with an insane number of games including all of Magicka and its DLCs, the Mount and Bland trilogy, and a bunch of interesting unique games I hear good things about mostly. (

    But mostly I just cannot pass up Portal 2 for that price with a bunch of other worthy games.