Friday, January 7, 2011


Descent is the first in the series of games set in the Abyss. It has many similarities and differences from the other two games. One similarity is the setting, while certain allowances had to be made because it is a completely open world game, it is still very consistent to the overall feel of the abyss. The main difference is with the gameplay, which is in the style of a free form platforming game.

The main feature that really makes it seem like an Abyss game is the ever present, and creepy as always, Evil. While overall the story is quite lacking in content Evil's constant comments do a wonderful job of adding some story and the proper tone while never interrupting the gameplay. Which I think was a wonderful choice, because any more invasive techniques of story telling would of interrupted the flow of the game and deteriorated the wonderful feel of the gameplay.

The gameplay is very fun, addicting, intense, and very hard. After a leisurely trip down a cave system you encounter rising lava and have to race back up as quickly as you can. I never was able to beat the game, but got pretty close and even found a secret shortcut along the way, which really helped. It is a very short game, probably only taking about 5 minutes from start to finish if you do not make any mistakes, But it was designed to be played over and over again before you could possibly beat it.

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