Friday, January 14, 2011

Personal Update and Bill Jemas is a hack

Been, and will remain for a few more days, unusually busy, so will be a little slow in writing articles. I have been moving my books from my university house back to my parents place. We are creating a library out of my old room, and as part of this I want to catalogue all of my books and the few that my parents own. So far I have gotten a little over a hundred catalogued and am probably about 1/10th finished.

I have been reading my first comic book recently (Ultimate Spider-Man), because a friend recommended and lent them to me. And the writing is atrocious; Not only is is just generally bad all the time, but their are grammatical mistakes, typing mistakes, and nonsensical sentences. The nonsensical sentences are quite frequent and make so little sense that the only reasonable explanation is that it was translated from another language with no one familiar with English every reading the translated version. I blame Bill Jemas (President, Marvel Enterprises) because he is the only name I could find in the comic, and the writing in the afterwards (which he wrote and signed) seems to be almost as bad the the writing in the comic, and containes a grammatical mistake in the very first sentence.

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