Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tiny Barbarian

Tiny Barbarian is simple game about a sword carrying barbarian chasing a unwilling love interest. He does this through a icy wasteland, fighting golems (if I had to guess), wolves, and even some ice giants; And occasionally dodging some hurtled projectiles from your love interest.

The game is quite simple, very short, and somewhat replay oriented. As you play, your score, time, and collectables are recorded, all of which are used only as bragging rights. `The game is played with only the jump and attack actions and without even a double (or more) jump or any combos. And that is really the extent of the game, can I cannot think of anything useful left to say, it i that simple of a game.

Hints and Tips for Boss Fight:
Because I think that the hints given by the Tiny Barbarian team are wrong, and lacking in some areas I have decided to give you my own ideas, since the end boss fight is rather challenging.

Instead of going to the far left while dodging, I found it easier (and better to counter attack after it ended) to stay in the centre. wait for one of them to launch a low projectile attack and then run in the opposite direction and when clear of any high projectile attacks jump over the low attack.

But I would say that the hardest part is after you have killed one of them. So try to distribute the damage. And when their is only one left I found attacking him once when he lands and then running like hell in the opposite direction and dodging his projectiles to be the the only way to go about it.


System Requirements:


  1. Quite enjoyed this one myself, though mainly for the amazing graphics. Wish it were longer.

  2. I agree the graphics are quite good. But personally, I would not call them amazing, as their are quite a lot of games where I have liked the graphics more or an equal amount.

  3. You mean the games with amazing graphics, don't you? ;) They are all amazing! AMAZING I tells you. Well, ok, but the animation is amazing, isn't it?


  4. Sure, the animation is very good, amazing seems appropriate.