Monday, March 21, 2011

Pay What You Want (March 23): Bob Came in Pieces + FantomenK

Just heard via my Yawma email news subscription that Bob Came in Pieces, a game I have reviewed before, and some FantomenK music (chiptune) will be offered in a Pay What You Want sale on March 23 on their Groupee site.

Bob Came in Pieces is not a bad game, but does lack polish. And given that it is at least slightly unique and somewhat fun, you might want to think about grabbing a copy cheap.

Note: I apparently was wrong, I just assumed that since all previous groopee sales were Pay What you Want and they did not mention a price that it was going to be the same but instead it will be $5.


  1. hi Jonathon! Thanks so much for posting! just wanted to make clear the promotion is not PWYW, it's $5. You get an album, game, concept art, and six brand NEW songs by FantomenK. if we get enough people to participate Bob Devs will create a new level inspired by FantomenK's music. pretty awesome!!

  2. Does anyone know if this copy of Bob came in pieces is Steam compatible? Cheers.

  3. Thanks lindsay, but I had already added that info to the article when I found out.

    @nomelette: Sorry no idea.

  4. This sale IS PayWhatYouWant now! (minimum $2) ... check it out!

  5. Having a minimum is not nearly the same as a real PWYW sale.