Saturday, March 26, 2011

Under the Garden

Under the Garden is a great stylish pixelated 2D game with very unique gameplay. To me it is very reminiscent of Minecraft and I would classify it primarily as a wildness survival game with elements of creative sandbox building, a genre that needs to be made into more games. But like Minecraft, Under the Garden suffers from a lack of direction and purpose that will turn off many people (including myself).

In game you cut down trees for wood, mine rocks for items, pick crops and hunt for food, and explore to find items and house pieces. The house pieces are used to build and grow your house and any other structures you want, and can be placed anywhere. Your house, and any other places with fireplaces, serve as waypoints and refuelling stations as you return to them when you die, or simply choose to, and being in them is the only way to refill your health without consuming items.

My mini-review of Under the Garden.

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  1. Very interesting. Also slightly reminiscent of Dwarf Fortress.