Sunday, March 27, 2011

Walkthrough: I Was a Vegas Showgirl

Since I personally had a little trouble getting through I Was a Vegas Showgirl!, could not find any help online, and have never done a walkthrough so I thought it might be fun to do one.

My mini-review of  I Was a Vegas Showgirl!

Space - select, use, talk to
E - skip dialogue, examine
Enter - open Inventory, put away item
Esc - Options

Opening cutscene ending with you outside Stack-O-Lee's Casino Cabaret.

  • Talk to the Olivetti and learn that The Bouncer has taken his camera.
    • Dialogue Tree: Are you a reporter? -- Why'd he take your camera -- Enough about the camera... -- Goodbye, Mr.
  • Talk to The Bouncer to learn how to get to Stack-O-Lee and get Olivetti's camera back.
    • Dialogue Tree: Can I see Mr. Stack-O-Lee? -- I'm a top showgirl -- Do you have that guy's Camera? -- ... he won't stop crying.
  • Give camera back to Olivetti, learn that it needs a new flash.
  • Enter Casino through front door.
  • Take Floodlight (upper left of screen).
  • Exit Casino.
  • Give Floodlight to Olivetti and get Photo of yourself.
  • Walk to right side of Casino (walk right and up), with back Stage Door.
  • Enter Stage Door, and emerge again automatically outside.
  • Walk back to front of Casino (up and left) and then enter Casino.
  • Talk to Drunk to learn about how to dance.
    • Dialog Tree: Why didn't you like my routine? -- Do the Goggle-eyes. -- Do the Dance Macabre -- Do the Crazy Chicken -- Do the Choo-choo -- Do the ol' Bob and Weave.
  • Exit Casino and then go to right side of Casino and enter the Stage Door.
    •  Dialog Tree: Do the Dance Macabre -- Do the Goggle-eyes. --  Do the ol' Bob and Weave. -- Do the Crazy Chicken -- Do the Choo-choo.
  • Back outside the Stage Door walk to front of Casino.
  • Talk to The Bouncer to convince him you are a hit.
    • Dialog Tree: I'm a hit?
  • Give Photo to The Bouncer.
cutscene ending with you inside of Stack-o-Lee's personal suite talking to him.

    • Dialog Tree: May I have a highball?
  • Examine Turntable.
  • Talk to Stack-o-Lee to drink.
  • Talk to Stack-o-Lee again to get him to turn on the music.
    • Dialog Tree: How about some music?
  • Use Panel (down and to the left), talk to entrance, and get Olivetti sent up.
    • Dialog Tree: Press Button 6: Entrance -- Send that reporter up here. -- Don't make me say it twice!

End cutscene and credits.

Losing Endings:
  1. Try to slip drugs into Stack-o-Lee's drink while making him one.
  2. Talk to Black Jack and get Billy Lyons sent up.


  1. Hey, this post is ancient but thanks for the walkthrough. Sadly this game wasn't very good even when I knew all the answers...