Saturday, July 2, 2011

Benthic Zone

Benthic zone is a short graphical adventure game set on the bottom of a lake; Or possibly more correctly a tech demo or unfinished project comprised of beautiful graphics and puzzles but completely lacking in plot.

I didn't know who I was controlling, other then I liked how he looked and surprisingly liked him even though he never says anything other then emotionless object descriptions. I also do not know why I was solving puzzles and doing the things I was doing in the game, other then that I enjoyed doing them.

So while the game is really about nothing it does not matter because it is still fun and pretty.

You can download the game here, make sure to extract the game before play because if you just try to play it from the archive it will probably not work.

My mini-review of Benthic Zone.


  1. Are you on a Lassie-made game hunt at the moment?
    Love the graphics.

  2. Yes, not that there are many I think I have played all major finished titles.