Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Improvements to Mini-Review Page

Lately I have been planning and implements some improvements to this blog.

I am sure that everyone noticed the cosmetic changes to the site, hopefully everyone likes the new look.

But now I am working on usability and starting with the mini-reviews page. There are quite a few reviews now so I have implemented some sorting scripts in JavaScript. When the header for any of the columns is clicked on the mini-review table it re-sorts the table with respect to that column. Anyways here are the instructions which I have appended to the bottom of the Mini-Reviews page (hopefully they are understandable, but even more hopefully the controls will be slightly obvious).

Sort Details:
Click table headers to sort. First click on a header sorts it in descending order, second click sorts it in ascending order, and the third click restores it in the original chronological order. Sorting order is retained between sorts so sorting first by title and then by rating results in a ratings sort where given the same rating it is sorted by title.

Game Title: Normal alpha-numeric sort.
Description: A alpha-numeric sort of the (IFB) tag.
Mini-Review: Sort by text length (useless but there are not any better alternatives).
Rating: Sort by numeric rating value.
Articles: Normal alpha-numeric sort of column.

You can check out these finished and semi-finalized changes on current mini-review page.

Or even take a peak at what I am planning next on my testing page (planning to add ways to filter the shown MRs).

And comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

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