Saturday, August 20, 2011


Recently played and even blogged [indie-elitist] about a new game called Hide, but I think that it deserves any attention that it gets.

Hide is a minimalistic survival horror title and while I have not played too many of that variety before I am absolutely certain that this is something special. With the unlikely combination of minimalistic pixel art style graphics in a fully 3D world it is far more abstract then most, and this only helps the wonderful atmosphere. You wake up in a dark and snowy forest dotted with ruins and buildings and containing five special locations which you must visit.

In the game you are constantly pursued by flashlight wielding characters which appear as you progress in the game. You must run and hide from these pursuers as you explore the forest, producing a very chilling atmosphere. And equal to the shear power of the pixel art graphics is the detailed and haunting lighting which is introduced by these flashlights. As you run from these pursuers the expertly produced sound effects of snow crunching and breathing is used to further enhance the atmosphere.

All in all it is prefect in its own minimalistic style; With amazing stylish graphics, chilling gameplay, and mood setting sounds this is one game not to miss.

My mini-review of Hide.

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