Monday, August 8, 2011

Mount and Blade and TaleWorlds

Back in 2008 TaleWorlds, a indie developer, released their first game and what I would consider to be one of the best medieval action combat games of all time, Mount and Blade. With this excellent starter TaleWorlds was bound to make a big splash in the whole of the gaming industry, this article will focus on what they have done since the release of Mount and Blade.

So what has TaleWords been up to? Basically nothing. Mount and Blade itself was released with a lot of obvious missing features and some features in obvious need to tweaking, and currently almost none of this has been addressed in any sort of patch, DLC, or sequel. But that is not to say there has not been sequels, there have actually been two, Warband and more recently With Fire and Sword. The problem with these two games is that they are presented as full games but most companies would of released them as patches to an existing product and even in this category they are solely lacking. In Warband basically just multiplayer was added and in With Fire and Sword they simply took an existing mod that added firearms and added it into the main game, making the game very unbalanced and worse in a lot of ways. I have played all of the games and seriously cannot see more then a handful of man hours go into each sequel. Which is made all the more ridiculous when the huge amount of time, effort, and skill that people have put into the community mods.

Does anyone know what is going on with this company? did everyone get fired 3 years ago after Mount and Blade was released, is it just one guy with no graphical or programming knowledge that only works in a extremly limited part time basis? Or are they working on some 3 year in the making secret (or at least unknown to me) project, not that this gives them the right to release patches in the form of games and charge for it.

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