Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two Bioluminescent Environmental Platformers

I just played two platforming games with blight colourful, luminescent, graphics and with environmental themed plots.

In CreaVures you play as group of specialist forest creatures in which you take control of any one at a time to traverse the forest to gather its fading light and save it. Its part action, part platforming, part puzzles, but mostly casual and atmospheric; The puzzles are very simple, the action is slow, and the platforming is not designed to be precise or fast (I recommend you don`t pay the Challenging difficulty as the controls and un-agility of your creavures are not quite up to it).

While in The Undergarden the gameplay is quite different: It is a mildly puzzle platforming take on Flower. In  the game you travel through a underwater cave system pollinating plants and using fruit to solve some very simple puzzles.

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