Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Mt. is a free indie simplistic mountain climbing game. It is procedurally generated from the name you give it for the mountain. One interesting thing to notice is that the entire mountain it generated, not just the left side which you climb; And you can skip the end point and go to the right side if you want.

Your goal is to reach the flag on top of the mountain. you do this by jumping and use of a bungee cord. The environment is only a few very different shads of grey, minimalist to the extreme, but I still find I am interested to see what is around the next corner. It is very simple but it is quite fun.

You can stand stationary on any surface, as long as your legs are pointed towards the ground.

  • Jump - Left mouth button to jump towards the mouse cursor, the farther away it it the stronger the jump.
  • Drift - When in the air the wasd keys will allow you to drift in any of those directions, note up almost cancels out gravity, but not quite.
  • Bungee - Hold down the right mouse button either below your man and you will go int bungee mode. Now you can use drift to build up enough momentum to get you where you want. To exit release right mouse button.

The game can be played in a browser or downloaded here.

Note: Some of the generated worlds are more "fun" then others. The most interesting world I have seen so far is named "fun", but unfortunately it is only the right side mountain that is interesting.

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