Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Rein is a very short 2D point and click puzzle adventure game. Made by Darius Poyer using the AGS engine. When I first saw it I liked the arts style. Latter during play, it struck me with its realism.

You play how you would act in real life more then in any other game I have played. Solutions are logical, and if you already know the solution you can go right to it instead of being required to tread a narrow path dictated to you by the game.

Their is one part of Rein that in many games would be considered a bad design choice, but I think it works well in this game, and that is "random" death. Their are a few locations in the game that unless have already played the game you are pretty much guarantied to die, Luckily you always restart only a few seconds back. To me this really seemed to make the statement that in real life you are not always given fair challenges.

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