Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Whispered World

The Whispered World is a point and click adventure game released for the PC in 2009. It features: hand drawn graphics that make up the beautiful environments and characters; Traditional adventure puzzles that are mostly well done and while a little simple are better then average; And an interesting story and likable characters.

You play a sad pessimistic bumbling clown named Sadwick. Who in a chance meeting with a kings messenger is entrusted with saving the world. In his quest he is accompanied by his trusty friend Spot, an unusual caterpillar who is able to change into many different forms (which are unlocked one by one on your quest).

The Autumn Forest
The graphics are what drew me, and kept me hooked, to The Whispered World. They are very beautiful and varied; Ranging from an ancient magical forest all the way to the dangerous underground fortress of the Asgil. The graphics really look like the graphics of a movie, which I have never seen in an game before. Actually, overall the game really seemed very movie-ish. The plot and gameplay made me feel like I was playing a interactive movie, more so then even games that have claimed that title before.

Kalida`s Island

The puzzles while somewhat simple are intuitive, with some notable exceptions.
Non Intuitive Puzzles(Light Spoiler Alert):
  • At one point you have to use a mouse to get a object that is out of reach, Sadwick makes fun of this bizarre scenario but you still have to figure it out and do it.
  • At one point Spots fat form is used to light a room, I think this might be a mistake as he has a form far more suited for this.
  • At one point you have to use Spot in such a way that you will think should kill him. It turns out he is invincible, or nearly invincible.
  • At one point you attach a furry creature to a club to make it better for hitting gongs.


  1. I have this game on my shelf but I haven't played it yet. I want to but Vampyre Story takes priority.

  2. Never really got into Vampyre Story for some reason (I think I am in the minority). Personally I would say TWW is way better (and probably the best adventure in the last 5/10 years, but without drawing up a list that is hard to say)