Monday, July 5, 2010

Teppoman 2

Teppoman 2 is a 2D stealth action platformer. It is in some Asian language, but it is OK as the plot is pretty sparse. I assume, you control a skilled commando out to kill some evil guy and find as many bananas as possible on the way. It is moderately short, but very challenging, so you will be playing it over and over again before anyone could expect to beat it. But this repetition of levels does not get boring since even level you have beat before can be challenging but still go by very fast.

The controls are the most unique aspect of the game. The player can do many complicated acrobatics, and needs to, to progress through the levels. All of them are done with combinations of the movement keys (left, right) and the jump button. But interestingly, the more complicated acrobatics can be quite hard to pull off with the simple controls. Somehow though, it is not frustrating, it is just one more skill that is fun to learn.

When encountering a level for the first time you will likely spend most of your time just studying the screen coming up with strategies and likely exclaiming, this is impossible, their is no way I can get past that; But then you do. The result is a satisfying, challenging, and very addicting game.

So if you are interested download it.

  • Arrow Keys - move
  • Down Arrow Key - open chest, pick up weapon/item
  • Shift - jump (start lvl)
  • Control - shoot, stealth kill
  • A - drop weapon
  • F2 - reset game
  • J - suicide
  • Dash - quickly tap left or right twice
  • Glide - jump immediately after dashing
  • Skid - press the opposite directional key after dashing
  • Reverse Jump - execute skid, then press the jump key quickly
  • Body Surf - execute a glide from high ground, then hold the jump button to body surf on any body of water (muddy and clear)
  • Wall Jump - pressed up again wall in the air, press jump
  • It is possible to skid almost off a platform to get over enough for walls that go right to the edge
  • It is possible to use a bombs blast to send you flying to otherwise unreachable areas, but is only needed to get one banana
  • Two bananas are available on every normal level, one on boss levels
  • You must collect enough bananas to continue playing past the two (middle of game) boss battles. Five by end of level 5, and 15 by the end of level 10
  • Bullets can activate levers
  • Hidden passages become gradually more visible the closer you get to them (2-3 tiles max sight distance)
  • Will not grip ladder if shift is held (don't forget this when jumping up or over to one)

Coming up with the strategy is half the fun, so do not watch too much of the provided video.


  1. That game is cute :D what game consoles does the game play on?

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