Thursday, July 22, 2010

Plane Weaver

Plane Weaver is one of the PAX 10 winners this year. It is a short 3D platformer, but if the cut scenes are any judge future games in the series (if their are any) could feature action as well. It is set in a world were machines powered by human souls have taken over. The graphics are very well done and are steampunk in style.

You play a human named Silke who is able to transform into two other forms, a spirit and a demon. Her human form is good for general platforming as it can run and jump. The demon is slow and cumbersome, but is strong enough to push objects around and can shoot some projectiles to break machinery. The Spirit form cannot even propel itself, but will be propelled around by breezes and steam and will move through grating as easily as open air.

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